What we did

(and why we did it)

A Lench Building Group

January 2020


Marketing, Creative

The brief

A Lench Building Contractors required a brand refresh and realignment of their multiple strings that they offer, they wanted something that was easily recognisable and would help them stand out from their competitors as well as be flexible to promote each section of their business as a standalone.

Our approach

We began by getting under the skin of what A Lench offer and the way they were currently structured. Form this point we determined who their actual target audience was and developed some style scapes to help to gain a direction that they felt appropriate to their overall offering and audience.

The result

The final solution was to tweak the name of ‘A Lench Contractors’ to ‘A Lench Group’, this would then make it easier to marry the other branches of the business under this name. The overall identity utiltised a building icon that represented the A in A Lench and also a building trowel, this was then used across the three main streams with a subtle colour change and overal brand message. From this point on we were able to create a series of print and digital collateral to cement their new brand in the market.

A Lench Logo

We required a brand refresh and realignment of our multiple strings business and wouldd promote each section string as a standalone.

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